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Imagine your band or orchestra on tour in Germany with musical performances along the way. Or picture your choral group performing at the Rhapsody Rotorua Festival in New Zealand. Whether at home or abroad, the opportunities are endless for your music students. Tell us your specs and we’ll use our established connections to put you in the middle of an adventurous musical experience of your own, with memories to last a lifetime!

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You're in good company

Over 10,000 teachers and 400,000 students travel with us every year. Since our founding, we've taken over 7 million students across the globe! We're experts at taking students all around the world and bringing truly amazing experiences to life.

Experience the best

We offer the opportunity for students to build friendships, learn new skills, confront challenges outside their comfort zone and see countrysides (places) so picturesque that they'll will never want to leave.

The world is your stage

When it comes to growing tomorrow's performers, it's all about the access. Access to world-famous performing venues and stages. Access to larger, more inspiring audiences than ever before. Access to the spotlight itself. We've got it all for you.

Tune up the competitive edge

Our performing arts tours and events deliver up close and personal exposure to real-world professional performers and professional-caliber content--in music, dance and drama.

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