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WorldStrides Soccer Tours

Since 1998, WorldStrides has been taking soccer teams from North America to discover destinations all over the world and participate in the world’s greatest game, while breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography. Now, Australian schools and teams will have the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most memorable destinations and gain a once in a lifetime soccer experience like no other!

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    Tour destinations will include Spain, Italy and the UK.

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An international experience like no other

A WorldStrides soccer tour enables your players to learn about another culture and enjoy sightseeing and local activities. Whether you want to see Big Ben in London, the Trevi Fountain in Rome or a professional match in Barcelona, we can customise a tour to ensure that your team has an unforgettable experience.

Our vast network of contacts enables us to put together the best matches, top training sessions and access to professional games. You’ll play local teams matched to your level of play and experience the game as it’s played around the world.

A tour at a glance...

Our soccer tour planning experts work closely with you to make sure your experience meets your goals and team needs. From setting up the right matches to the appropriate training and rich cultural experiences, we make it happen for you and your team.

On a typical soccer tour, students will take part in:

  • Training sessions on local fields
  • Friendly matches against local competition – teams will be matched to your level of play
  • Stadium tours – see where professional athletes have been developed
  • Attend a professional match – experience the best soccer league in the world
  • Cultural experiences and city adventures to see iconic attractions and monuments



Recognised as the birthplace of western culture, Italy has a rich story to tell, one that is written into its ancient ruins and passionate culture. Home to many of the world’s most extraordinary artistic and architectural masterpieces, the iconic museums and landmarks that students will explore in Italy are the stuff of legends.  From quaint artistic villages to historically-important towns and cosmopolitan cities, there is something here for everyone. Come play soccer in Italy and you will instantly realise that Italian soccer can only be described as passionate and exciting!

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Spain, a land of sunny beaches and ancient towns, has traditionally held a special attraction for sports clubs. In the cities, narrow and twisting old streets suddenly open out to views of daring modern architecture. The country is full of cultural experiences with superb old buildings, from Roman Aqueducts and Islamic palaces to Gothic cathedrals. Almost every second village has a medieval castle and the hospitable nature of the Spanish will ensure your team feel welcome!

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The UK

England is the perfect destination for soccer teams of all levels, ages, and genders, offering plenty of playing, training, and cultural opportunities. Manchester and London are both a good base to explore all that England has to offer, as these two cities offer the best local teams for your games as well as great history to explore. From Manchester and London you can also explore Liverpool, Oxford, Bath, Newcastle, York, Blackpool and more. With so much to see and do in England, this is a country to visit repeatedly without doing the same things twice.

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Women's World Cup 2023

As a comprehensive Women’s World Cup trip provider, WorldStrides Sports offers an incredible experience for soccer teams—from watching the games to sightseeing around the stadiums to competing in local friendly matches. It’s why 38 teams (over 1,300 travellers) chose to travel with us to France for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup!

Learn more about what you’ll see and how you’ll spend your time in Australia and New Zealand. Designed with activities for athletes in mind, these itineraries deliver memories, bonding opportunities, and epic sights for a trip you won’t stop thinking about.

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