About Us

We believe in dreaming big. It’s how our company was born, and it’s what we hope to give all the students who travel with us: confidence and big ideas for the future, based on what we can learn from our journey today.

Company Overview

To places near or far, educational travel leaves a lasting impression at an impressionable age. School trips encourage students to fulfil their potential and grow beyond their comfort zones – both academically and in terms of their personal development.

Founded in 1967 by a school teacher, WorldStrides is a trusted global organisation and has been creating unforgettable educational travel experiences for over 50 years – from three-day regional tours to large-scale international adventures. We have 1500 full-time experts, and more than 3000 global staff members! Our global network extends into over 100 countries. With 70 offices in more than 25 countries, including 4 in Australia, to date we’ve taken over 9 million students on educational tours – over 400,000 students travelled with us last year alone!

Our personalised service, local knowledge, and connections are as strong as ever. Our Australian team understands the intricacies of the state-based education systems and your priorities, and they strategically design tours to complement the Australian curriculum and maximise your students’ learning outcomes.

WorldStrides Australia is driven by our guiding principles:

  • Elite Access – As the educational travel market leader, WorldStrides has strong relationships with famous historical sites, top educational institutions, and senior business leaders. A trip with WorldStrides means enjoying unparalleled access to the world’s elite destinations.
  • Comprehensive Educational Content – WorldStrides develops and delivers robust educational content tailored to students’ needs. In addition to having fun and a first-class tourism experience, WorldStrides provides tangible outcomes that help students achieve their goals.
  • Superior Safety and Service – WorldStrides’ first priority is always the safety of our participants. We have an unmatched, comprehensive security network that ensures each student, chaperone, and teacher is safe every step of the way.

We believe educational travel brings learning to life. We design programs that complement curriculum while imparting a sense of history, wonder, perspective and awareness of the global community we are all part of. Whether it’s soaking up our nation’s history in Canberra, performing on stage in New Zealand or sampling the culture and cuisine of Italy or Japan, each trip is an opportunity for students to discover the world and themselves.

We know how much students get out of these experiences and the profound benefits of educational travel – We look forward to planning your next adventure.

Interested in learning more about WorldStrides? Send us a note and we’ll get back to you!

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