About Us

We believe in dreaming big. It’s how our company was born, and it’s what we hope to give all the students who travel with us: confidence and big ideas for the future, based on what we can learn from our journey today.

Our Team

WorldStrides’ mission of enriching students’ lives through experiential travel is supported by a team of professionals who are passionately and personally committed to providing safe, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. From educational specialists to logistical and destination specialists, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff deliver a quality experience every step of the way.

Bob Gogel - WorldStrides

Bob Gogel

Chief Executive Officer and President

Bob Gogel serves as CEO and President of WorldStrides. Prior to this, Bob has served as CEO of numerous multinational companies and has extensive experience in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and the U.S. He is an educator himself, for the last 30 years serving as a teacher and coach for lifelong learners in corporate and graduate school programs.

Richard Lin Our Team Bio

Richard Lin

Managing Director, Asia Pacific

As Managing Director, Richard focuses on expanding students’ exposure to Asia Pacific culture at the same time his group promotes U.S. travel to students from that part of the world.

WorldStrides General Manager Dan Kellerd

Dan Kellerd

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Australia

Devoted to educational travel for 20+ years, Dan has held executive roles in all facets of the business, including Sales, Marketing, Operations and Product Development. He has lived and worked in seven countries and has safeguarded the travel experiences of students and educators in over 100 countries across the globe. Beyond WorldStrides, Dan is a…

Daniella Camplone

Contracting and Operations Manager

Daniella oversees the operations function of WorldStrides Australia, working closely with all departments as well as being responsible for supplier and partner relationships. Daniella has over 10 years’ experience in the leisure, travel and tourism industry. She has lived in Canada and the US and travelled the Middle East extensively. Daniella is passionate about building…

David Hannan

Sales Manager

For over 30 years Australian teachers have trusted David to develop programs to meet their educational needs.  Since 1986 he has delivered educational experiences to over 250,000 students.  His expertise and industry knowledge ensures teachers and students are comfortable and secure at all points of their educational journey. David has travelled extensively throughout Australia and…

Louise Campbell

Sales Manager

Louise joined in 2009 and has been instrumental in developing the international offering.  Louise has seen first hand the profound benefit WorldStrides tours have on students and prides herself on delivering the best educational experiences for Australian students. She strongly believes every student should have the opportunity to learn and grow through travel. Born and bred in Melbourne, Louise has over 17…

Karene Phillips

Sales Manager

In her role as Sales Manager, Karene is very enthusiastic and passionate about providing opportunities for students to take their learning outdoors and experience life firsthand.  She believes WorldStrides programs offer students the chance to grow while learning and having fun with their peers. Born and bred in Sydney, Karene is based in our Sydney office.  Prior…

Jenny McKay

Business Development

With over 10 years experience in the educational travel industry, Jenny has provided thousands of students with the opportunity to learn, grow and create life long memories through the unique experience of travel. Through her own experiences Jenny believes that international study tours allow students to open their minds and truly become global citizens of…

Jason Johnston

Business Development

Jason joined WorldStrides in 2015 and brings a range of new ideas and enthusiasm to the team. He is passionate about educational travel and wants to create as many global citizens as possible. He aims to provide opportunities for students from all circumstances to learn through worldly experiences, by giving educators high quality, personalised service….

Clare Wood Our Team Bio

Clare Wood

Business Development

Clare has been with the company for four years and enjoys offering students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom with the unique tours WorldStrides have to offer. The feedback that she receives from teachers and students who go on tours is really rewarding and shows the value in bringing learning to life. Having…

Gerry Birmingham

Business Development

Having joined the WorldStrides team in 2007, Gerry brought with him a background in hotel and golf club management, and in later year’s sales. He enjoys nothing more than seeing students realise and enjoy the value in educational travel and the learning benefits associated with it. Gerry is passionate about improving and developing better educational experiences…

Alan Williams

Business Development

Having worked in the educational travel industry for over 20 years, Alan enjoys passing on his vast knowledge and experience to assist teachers on planning incredible educational journeys, as he truly understands the effect an educational tour can have on students. Alan believes that an academic education goes far beyond the classroom and as such – it…

Julian Hill

Business Development, Snow & Sports Division

Julian Hill has recently joined our snow and sports team. He is a passionate outdoor educator with a history in snowsports from both a competitive and leisure base. Along with outdoor ed teaching Julian has also worked in Australia, Japan and Canada and is an expert on all things Alpine. Julian is motivated by the…

Claire Youren

Business Development

Claire joined WorldStrides in 2016, working in the domestic operations team. She is inspired every day by the profound impact WorldStrides programs have on young people. Having experienced a school tour to Tasmania as a student, Claire knows just how transformative learning beyond the classroom is. Claire loves working with teachers and being an important…

Maissa Zaza

Operations Manager

Maissa joined WorldStrides straight out of university and has been with the company for the last 13 years. Her long standing experience has earned her a detailed understanding of domestic educational tours. Now working as an operations manager, Maissa is committed to the WorldStrides vision and is always expanding our product knowledge. Maissa is caring,…

Vittoria Barca

Domestic Operations Supervisor

Vittoria has been with WorldStrides for 5 years and has had 8 years’ experience in the travel industry. She loves learning about destinations across Australia and the rich history embedded in every WorldStrides tour. As a domestic tour coordinator, Vittoria knows that domestic education travel can be life changing. Vittoria is passionate about helping students…

Bec Unwin

Snow Operations Supervisor

Bec has 10 years’ experience working within the Outdoor Education and Snow Sports industries. Her experience lies in the operation, management and delivery of programs and tours, with a focus on Educational and Interpersonal development.  She has a high attention to detail and will always meet specific requests to create seamlessly fulfilling experiences. In her…

Katerina Dzvezdakoska

International Operations Supervisor

Katerina lived in Europe, where her love and enthusiasm for travel led her to work for one of the most reputable Travel Agency. Due to the close proximity between major European cities, she has visited countless tourist hotspots and landmarks but also some of the overlooked gems off the beaten path. She joined WorldStrides in…

Sarah Hayes

Senior Tour Coordinator

Sarah joined WorldStrides in May 2017 with 10 years’ experience in the tourism industry. After working as a Contiki tour guide across Europe for 4 years, Sarah knows Europe like the back of her hand. Having also worked as a travel agent, Sarah has a total understanding of all the elements involved in getting an…

Johanna Hargreaves

Operations Coordinator

Johanna joined WorldStrides as Operations Coordinator in 2016.  Originating from New Zealand, she has a passion for Travel & Tourism and has lived in the USA, UK and Australia over the past 10 years. Johanna enjoys the process of crafting fantastic travel experiences and developing the WorldStrides product, all while enriching student’s lives through travel…

Kelsey McLaughlin

Tour Coordinator

Kelsey joined WorldStrides in 2017 with a background in the Outdoor Recreation Industry. She brings her extensive knowledge of managing primary and second students on outdoor adventure camps to the WorldStrides operations team. Through her experience, Kelsey understands exactly what makes an educational travel experience with classmates memorable and impactful. In her spare time, she…

Fay Ellis

Sales Support

Fay has been with the company since the early 80’s and has acquired tremendous experience in organising unforgettable experiences for school groups. She has worked in multiple departments and is now focused on ensuring every domestic tour is a resounding success. Fay brings a friendly dedication to each and every school. During the weekends, Fay…

Robert Zamparo

Sales Support

Robert joined WorldStrides in 2011 as a Tour Coordinator and is focused on expanding students’ exposure to international cultures. Robert has been involved in the education sector for the past 25 years, playing a major role in the early development of high school competency based learning. Rob is passionate about developing opportunities for Australian students…