Learning Adventures in Regional Australia

Australia’s regional towns and attractions offer students the unique opportunity to discover the ancient and colonial history and culture of our nation through immersive learning activities.

Whether students are reliving the Gold Rush Era while panning for gold, or learning about ancient geological formations whilst exploring caves and eco-systems, regional Australia imparts an authentic perspective of Australia. Give your students a deeper appreciation of their national history, culture and identity and show them a bigger world in their own backyard.


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A different way of learning

Our approach gets students actively involved in what they're seeing and doing. This active engagement between students, the places they visit, and their teachers allows students to absorb more and build their knowledge and social skills.

We bring the classroom to life

True learning can't be done from a distance. It requires hands-on exploration and travel delivers it! We focus on education, and closely align our trips to curriculum units. When students get up close with the subjects they've only read about in books, learning moments are brought to life in a way in a way not possible in the classroom.

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