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There is an abundance of fascinating places offering opportunities for rich scientific discovery on WorldStrides tours. Whether it’s experiencing astronaut training in the US, reading Isaac Newton’s original manuscripts in the UK, or studying volcanic activity in Hawaii, our science tours are guaranteed to offer students an array of awe-inspiring experiences. Science is a broad...
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There is an abundance of fascinating places offering opportunities for rich scientific discovery on WorldStrides tours. Whether it’s experiencing astronaut training in the US, reading Isaac Newton’s original manuscripts in the UK, or studying volcanic activity in Hawaii, our science tours are guaranteed to offer students an array of awe-inspiring experiences.

Science is a broad discipline; we offer focused learning programs for students in many fields of science. Our most popular areas for scientific discovery are science history, environmental science and space science. Here are our top destinations and activities around the globe for budding scientists:

History of science school tours

Learn about the revolutionary scientific breakthroughs of history as you explore museums and the locations where it all happened.

United Kingdom

As the birthplace of many of the world’s most revolutionary scientific breakthroughs, the United Kingdom offers students countless opportunities to explore fundamental scientific developments throughout history.

Royal Society of London

Review original artefacts of Royal Society members such as Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Charles Darwin and discover how the Society is making important scientific contributions today.

Bletchley Park

Through interactive workshops, engage with the history and contemporary relevance of Bletchley Park, the once top-secret site of WWII British Codebreakers who significantly shortened the war.


A nation shaped by inventors and status-quo challengers, the USA has been at the forefront of innovation for eons. On tour, students relive the key events and discoveries that made the USA the scientific powerhouse it is today.

Smithsonian Institution

Explore the world’s largest museum and research complex, consisting of 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park, and nine research facilities. Choose from a diverse range of engaging educational programs.

Tech Museum of Innovation

Explore the history of high-tech science at the Tech Museum of Innovation, with many exhibits focused on innovation and the evolution of the internet.

See our USA Space and Science itinerary here.


Throughout ancient and modern history, China has contributed numerous inventions that have changed the course of human history. On tour, students will visit places where historical insights and creations were made.

China Science and Technology Museum

Learn about China’s use of science and technology in ancient times at the Science and Technology Museum. Investigate ancient scientific artefacts such as astronomical devices, compasses, bronze smelting and casting tools and more.

Shanghai Science Museum

Under the theme of ‘Nature, People and Science’, explore China’s scientific, educational, cultural and ideological progress at the Shanghai Science Museum. With various themed halls, countless interactive items, IMAX theatres and more, the museum is highly engaging.

See our China STEM itinerary here.

Environmental science school tours

Venture into the field to explore, analyse and understand the world’s people and natural environments at close range.

Costa Rica

There’s no better place for an exotic eco-adventure which delves into relevant concepts of environmental science than Costa Rica, where students will collect data in the field and witness rare landscapes and wildlife.

Tirimbina Rainforest Centre

Step into the shoes of a field ecologist as you venture into the rainforest to collect data and construct ecological hypotheses under the guidance of experts.

Arenal Volcano National Park

Hike the lava fields of a 4000 year old volcano as you learn how the plants and animals have re-established their ecosystems after destructive volcanic activity.

See our Costa Rica itinerary here.

New Zealand

Home to diverse eco-systems and spectacular natural landscapes all year round, New Zealand is a premier destination to discover the many wonders of environmental science.

White Island Guided Tour

See the effect that New Zealand’s only active marine volcano has on the surrounding environment as you join guides and board a charter boat for the inner crater of White Island.

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderlands

Explore spectacular geothermal areas that have been gradually sculptured by volcanic activity for over tens of thousands of years. Here, students will learn about the formation of strange and wonderful natural features such as the Champagne Pool and huge volcanic craters.

See our New Zealand North Island Adventure itinerary here.


In Hawaii, students will step into paradise and witness the wonders of environmental science. The archipelago of islands are abundant with unique landscapes including volcanos, cloud forests, coral reefs and black sand beaches, just to name a few!

Mokupapapa Discovery Centre

Learn about the history, natural science and many special inhabitants of Hawaii’s North-western islands and surrounding marine environments.

National Volcano Park

Take part in a ranger guided tour and educational program at the National Volcano Park, home of Kilauea volcano, one of the most active volcanoes on earth, witness the primal process of creation and destruction.

See our Hawaii Environmental Science itinerary here.

Space Science School Tours

Bring learning to life as you venture into the depths of outer space and learn about space travel, our solar system and beyond.


In Canberra, students learn about the role that Australia plays in the exploration of space, check out the latest images from our Solar System and beyond and even be amazed with an immersive adventure across the galaxy.

Deep Space Communication Complex

Undertake a 90-minute educational program that offers an informative and enjoyable way to learn about the planets and the story of space travel.


As part of the Space Missions educational program, discover the purpose of the International Space Station, learn about the research conducted by the Hubble telescope and other significant space missions such as Cassini and the Mars Rover.

See our Canberra itinerary here.


As the home of NASA and other world-leading institutions of space research and exploration, the USA is a leading destination to delve into space science.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Explore the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world at one of the leading centres for research into the history and science of aviation and spaceflight.

Kennedy Space Centre

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of today’s astronauts with realistic astronaut training. Experience a space shuttle mission simulation and perform hands-on space exploration activities.

See our USA Space and Science itinerary here.


Germany is engaged in a wide range of space science research and development projects and is home to the European Space Agency, an organisation comprised of 22 countries dedicated to space exploration.

German Aerospace Centre

Learn how rockets for the future are developed, how their pilots are training and how images of distant planets are analysed at the German Aerospace Centre. In an engaging virtual reality experience, take a look around scenes such as a red Martian landscape or the cockpit of a rocket-ship.

European Space Agency

Explore the facilities and main mission control room at the European Space Agency, where teams of experts control spacecraft in orbit and support many various space missions.

A science tour is a fantastic way to expose curious minds to the wonders and practicality of science. Students can be inspired by the most prominent scientific locations in the world and delve into the many fields of science through hands-on activities and educational programs.

You can browse more of our most popular science school tours here.

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