Aboriginal cultural experiences in Central Australia



Aboriginal cultural experiences in Central Australia

Aboriginal cultural experiences in Central Australia

At WorldStrides, we’re here to assist teachers in creating an authentic and educational program for students to discover the oldest living culture in the world, that of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. As the traditional custodians of Australia, the Indigenous ideologies and their sacred history is part of Australia’s national identity. To celebrate NAIDOC Week from 4-11 July 2021, we’re spotlighting the immersive cultural experiences students enjoy on a WorldStrides tour to Central Australia.

Surrounded by the timeless landscapes of desert plains, mountain ranges and dramatic gorges, there’s no better place to connect to Country and be immersed in Aboriginal culture, than Central Australia. Here are the top learning activities that students enjoy on a WorldStrides tour:

Alice Springs

Learning Activity: Lilla Aboriginal Community Cultural Experience
This immersive experience provides an authentic insight into Aboriginal history and culture. Beginning with a cultural welcoming ceremony, embark on a guided walk around Lilla and areas of cultural significance. Learn about Indigenous artefacts including the boomerang, how to paint in the traditional way of the Luritja people and discover the Lilla community’s history through Dreamtime storytelling.

Kings Canyon

Learning Activity: Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Tour
Delve into an authentic Aboriginal cultural experience and learn about seasonal bush tucker and the importance of grinding stones, the types of plants that are used as bush medicine by the Luritja and Pertame (Southern Aranda) people and understand the history and meaning of Aboriginal dot paintings.

Nitmiluk National Park

Learning Activity: Jawoyn Cultural Tour
Discover the lifestyle, culture and tradition of the Jawoyn people through hands-on interactive activities during this cultural immersion program. The program will inspire personal insights, ask students to question what it is to be an Indigenous Australian and expose them to the world‘s oldest living culture.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Learning Activity: Traditional Tool Demo and Bush Medicine Demo
Over thousands of years, Anangu people have had to adapt to their environment – and with limited resources available in the desert, have yielded highly efficient weapons and tools to survive. Discover how these tools were made, what they were used for, and join a bowl carrying or spear-throwing session to test your skills and balance! Students will also learn how the Anangu people use and produce bush medicine.

Give your students an authentic understanding of our First Nation’s people and discover the many wonders of Central Australia. Take a look at our Central Australia and Northern Territory tours or contact us to start planning by calling 1800 331 050 or emailing info@worldstrides.com.au

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