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Can students apply or receive frequent flyer miles for the trip?

Due to the nature of group travel and the discounted group rates we receive, not all airlines allow the use of frequent flyer programs. Additionally, travellers are not eligible to receive frequent flyer miles for their travel.

  • To find out whether the airlines for your tour allow for frequent flyer points, please check with your coordinator at the time of your booking.

Individual travel program and tertiary students travelling individually may be eligible to redeem / earn miles and should contact their WorldStrides tour coordinator with specific questions.

Can students travel with their instruments?

Yes. We have special arrangements with airlines that allow additional luggage. All details and size requirements will be collected during the booking process and provided to you in your quote letter, to facilitate a stress and worry free tour.

Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that all participants take out travel insurance for the duration of their trip. Through our partnership with QBE, travellers can take advantage of a policy specifically for school groups that include at least 1 teacher and eight students at specially negotiated rates. Please contact us on 1800 331 050 for a copy of our current policy, or for further information. Please note the cost of insurance is not included in your quoted program cost and can be added if required.

Does WorldStrides book everything for us?

We can arrange everything you need for the perfect educational travel experience (flights, accommodation, guided tours, workshops, meals and transport). Just talk to us about your educational needs and trip requirements and we will do the rest.

How much spending money should students bring?

The amount of spending money students need to bring depends on the destination and length of the tour. It’s also a personal preference – meaning that if you want to buy a lot of souvenirs, then you’ll need to bring more spending money. As a general guide, we recommend spending money to purchase snacks and souvenirs for programs lasting three or more days.

Be sure to check the information provided to you by the teacher leading the trip as some schools do not allow additional spending money. On some of our programs, not all the meals are included so students will want to bring additional to buy lunch each day.

Is there a minimum group size?

To be eligible for group airfares and other special group prices, we need a minimum of 10 passengers. Ideally group sizes would be 15 and above to make a trip cost effective. In most cases, provisions are made for complimentary travel for accompanying teachers.

What help is available to organisers?

We make it simple and fun to start planning a group tour by providing personalised service from start to finish, guiding you through the planning, promotion and implementation. We also have teacher resources and promotional material available.

What if students have special dietary requirements?

The safety of participants is our top priority, and we understand there may be students with allergies and intolerances. With your deposit letter, you will receive a dietary requirements form to fill in and send back to our office. We will do our best to cater to each child’s specific needs, and if we are unable to accommodate your request for any reason we will advise you as early as possible.

What if we can’t get enough students to commit and we need to cancel?

WorldStrides is here to help you achieve maximum numbers, and we have designed a recipe that helps with your tour success. Our Recipe for Success is a three-step program that will help with the tour promotion and parent information sessions. In most cases, a drop in numbers will necessitate an increase in price. WorldStrides will make every attempt to minimise this cost.

Domestic Terms & Conditions: If a tour is cancelled, a minimum administration charge of $20 per student will be required. Cancellations within 30 days before travel may incur additional fees. A cancellation charge of the full amount may be required if cancellation occurs 14 days prior to departure. We suggest passengers take out travel insurance cover to avoid disappointment.

International Terms & Conditions: Should group numbers change from the initial size, a re-cost will be required. Any changes after the deposit and itinerary confirmation will incur a fee of $100 per change. A cancellation charge of the full amount may be required if cancellation occurs 14 days prior to departure. Cancelled bookings may incur supplier fees of up to 100% of the cost of the booking regardless of whether travel has commenced. We suggest passengers take out travel insurance cover to avoid disappointment.

What if we can’t pay by the due dates?

Please advise your Program Coordinator of any anticipated delays as soon as possible. They will work with you to find a solution, which may include a part payment or extension. Late fees will be payable if we are not advised of delays in advance. We will always do our best to help, but in some cases extensions are not possible because we are bound by our suppliers’ terms and conditions.

What is the best way to carry money?

Students carrying money should be advised to keep cash in a safe place such as a money belt or wallet in a secure pocket. Where possible, it is best for travellers to carry only what they may need for the day, and secure the rest of their cash in their luggage.

For international travel, you may take a cash passport, credit card or bankcard that can be used at international ATMs. Remember to check with your credit card company or bank to make sure your card will work overseas. Travellers checks are not recommended, and not allowed for minors.

What liability protection is in place for our school?

WorldStrides’ liability insurance is the largest in the industry at US $50 million. This insurance coverage extends to cover certain individuals acting on behalf of WorldStrides as tour directors, program leaders, chaperones, and volunteer speakers. Your school can be named as additionally insured, if desired.

What should we pack?

We recommend one luggage bag and backpack for all students. Both items are subject to the rules of the specific airline. As part of final travel documents, all students are provided with a ‘what to pack’ list.

What type of accommodation will we stay in?

WorldStrides takes pride in providing safe, quality accommodations for all programs. Depending on the trip type/preference, we utilise a range of accommodation options, including hotels, hostels, guest houses and homestays and are inspected by WorldStrides staff and partners for cleanliness, quality, and location on an ongoing basis.

For international travel, WorldStrides generally uses centrally located 3 and 4 star hotels that have excellent access to sights and transportation. Some graduate programs may use 5 star properties. Please note students on some programs may participate in activities such as camping in tents or cabins, per the itinerary.

When is the deposit due?

In your deposit letter, we will give you a checklist of due dates and amounts. These vary depending on the destination, activities, accommodation and airline requirements. Airfare payments are normally due 45-65 days prior to departure, depending on the airline. An initial despot is required to confirm your booking. Your Tour Coordinator will send you an invoice in advance and notify you of the due date. Final payment is required 65 days prior to departure.

When should we start planning our international tour?

We suggest you start planning 10-12 months in advance. It is extremely important to allow enough time to submit paperwork to the Department of Education, formulate a payment plan and obtain/provide all required information and documents, including passports and visas. It is never too early to start planning.