Silo Art and Dinosaur Trail tours

Three Moon Silos credit Joel Fergie

Silo Art and Dinosaur Trail tours

Silo Art and Dinosaur Trail tours

Regional tours are a popular choice for school groups right now when state border closures and travel restrictions are in place across the country. We’re here to create a local adventure for your students full of educational, fun and unique experiences. From discovering the history of Silo Art and the stories behind each masterpiece to exploring the path ventured by Dinosaurs here in Australia, there is so much waiting to be discovered in each and every state.


Silo Art is Australia’s largest outdoor gallery. It was established to support local communities and reinvigorate rural towns with the aim to attract tourists. It’s a way to get off the beaten track to discover these towns while learning about their history and culture – and exploring the diverse natural sites and landscapes on offer.

Our West Aussie’s can see 5 silos scattered across a scenic trail, starting northeast of Perth into Northam and Merredin and stopping in rural towns along the way to Bunbury, or Sydney-siders can visit 6 unique artworks starting in Portland to Merriwah, Barraba and more! Each masterpiece around Australia has its very own story to tell, from the artist’s inspiration to how much paint was used to create it.

Take a look at our favourite silos below and share the videos with your students to get an understanding of the artist’s inspiration and production process.

Western Australia – Merredin Silos

Location: Merredin, WA
Artist: Kyle Hughes-Odgers
Details at a glance: Finished in August, 2017, the silo’s took 14 days to complete using 200 litres of paint, 80 rollers and 10 paint brushes.
Fun Fact: These are the largest grain bins in the southern hemisphere.

The carefully researched artwork concept tells a story about Merredin. The two large plant pots with sprouting seedlings represent the importance of the agricultural industry to Merredin and the Wheatbelt region, the colours are taken from the natural landscape of the area, and the image overall depicts the diverse people who live here.

Queensland – Three Moon Silos

Location: Monto, Queensland
Artist: Joel Fergie and Travis Vinson
Details at a glance: Completed in July 2020.
Fun Fact: There are many legends surrounding the name of the region’s Three Moon Creek, and the silo artwork aims to tell all.

This artwork depicts the story of passing time and pays tribute to the legend’s past, present and future who told the story of the night sky and the three moon country.

New South Wales – Barraba Water Silos

Location: Barraba, NSW
Artist: Fintan Magee
Details at a glance: Completed in April 2019, it took 24 days to complete using 300 litres of paint.

In 2019, rural towns in NSW were suffering through a drought. Fintan found inspiration for his masterpiece on a visit to a farm in Barraba, where he witnessed the work of a water diviner searching for groundwater, using a shaped twig or rod.

South Australia – Karoonda Silo Art

Location: Karoonda, SA
Artist: Heesco
Details at a glance: Completed in July 2019, this masterpiece took 38 days to complete, using 300 litres of paint.

The Karoonda silos were painted as a tribute to the heritage of farming in Karoonda. This particular silo is unique in that the blank side lights up at night and projects the ‘Colour Up Karoonda’ cinema show.

Victoria – Silos at Sheep Hills

Location: Sheep Hills, Victoria
Details at a glance: Completed in 4 weeks, Adnate finished the silos in late 2016.
Fun fact: Adnate has spent most of his artistic career using his work to tell the stories of Indigenous people and their native lands, particularly the stories of Aboriginal Australians.

This mural celebrates and tells the story of the area’s Indigenous culture, signifying the important exchange of wisdom, knowledge and customs from Elders to the next generation. The night sky represents elements of local dreaming.



According to the The Australian Museum, new discoveries of relatively complete dinosaurs have been made in Queensland over the past year, putting Australia on the global dinosaur map and opening up opportunities in dinosaur research.

On our Discover Dinosaurs tour in Outback Queensland, students will discover real-life fossils in Richmond, Hughenden and Winton, watch a paleontologist give a fossil preparation demonstration and take part in fossil hunting. They’ll also see a life-size skeletal replica of a 7-metre dinosaur found in Flinders Shire!

Now is a better time than ever to learn about your local history and heritage. To start planning your silo tour or dinosaur trail tour packed full of educational content, contact us now.

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