South Korea & Japan

Explore the vibrant fusion of tradition and modernity with our South Korea and Japan tour. Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of Seoul and Busan, then traverse to the cultural wonders of Tokyo and Kyoto. From bustling cityscapes to serene temples, embark on a journey that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds.

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Student tours to South Korea and Japan

South Korea & Japan

Explore the vibrant fusion of tradition and modernity with our South Korea and Japan tour. Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of Seoul and Busan, then traverse to the cultural wonders of Tokyo and Kyoto. From bustling cityscapes to serene temples, embark on a journey that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds.

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10-12 days


Guided sightseeing tours in Seoul, Busan, Tokyo and KyotoKorean cooking classDongbaekseom Island excursionOdaiba island excursionDiscover Japan's famous shrines and temples


SeoulBusanTokyoKyotoHiroshima and Miyajima (Tour Extension)

Your Adventure

1 Seoul
  • Arrive in Seoul Meet your Tour Director and check into your accommodation.
2 Seoul
  • Seoul guided sightseeing tour The capital of South Korea is a huge metropolis where modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways and colourful pop culture meet Buddhist temples, richly adorned palaces and vibrant street markets. On your guided sightseeing tour of the city you'll walk along Cheonggyecheon, an 11 km long modern stream that runs through downtown Seoul, explore Insadong Street which offers a wide variety of goods that can only be purchased or appreciated in Korea, and set your sights on one of the most spectacular, 360 degree views of the city from the Seoul Tower and Observatory.
  • Korean bibimbap and tteokbokki cooking class Learn to cook with the foods that Korea is most famous for. Join a professional chef in the kitchen and learn how to make delicious traditional dishes.
3 Seoul - Busan
  • Travel to Busan via KTX (Korean Train Express) Busan is a trendy city located by the sea and surrounded by mountains. Busan is full of culture and tradition, and it provides a relaxed beach atmosphere. It's a great city for outdoor and nature lovers as well as for those who love art, history, unique cafe shops, and fun shopping. Don't forget to try the freshest seafood around, straight from the sea at the famous Jagalchi Fish Market!
  • Haedong Yonggungsa Temple visit Visit this Buddhist temple in Gijang-gun, Busan, situated along the shoreline in a large temple complex.
  • Dongbaekseom Island excursion Dongbaekseom Island (Island of Camellias) is an island located off one end of Busan's famous Haeundae Beach. Discover the islands several attractions, including the monument inscribed with a poem of scholar Choi Chi-won, the mermaid statue based on the legend of Princess Hwagok, and the Nurimaru APEC House.
4 Busan
  • Busan guided sightseeing tour Explore Busan, a large port city in South Korea, known for its beaches, mountains and temples. Your tour guide will take you on an adventure to see the Yongdusan Park, Busan Tower, Jagalchi fish market and Kukje market.
  • Oryukdo sunrise park
  • Drone show at Gwangalli beach The Drone Light Show involves 600 drones displaying spectacular performances that paint the night sky with various content. Runs every Saturday.
5 Busan - Tokyo
  • Travel to Tokyo Say goodbye to Busan and board your flight to Tokyo.
  • Karaoke experience and dinner Karaoke is a popular form of entertainment which originated in Japan. Immerse yourself in this environment, grab a mic, your favourite song and sing your heart out in a Tokyo karaoke venue.
6 Tokyo
  • Tokyo guided sightseeing tour Jangling neon and tranquil temples, radical fashion choices and quietly practiced traditions. Japan combines cutting-edge technology with an age-old culture, generating a directed energy and graceful drive unique to Tokyo. See what all of the buzz is about with a local licensed guide. Start with a whiff of the miraculous at the Senso Temple, where sacred incense smoke is said to have curative powers. Next, visit Meiji Shrine, built to commemorate Emperor Meiji and his empress, it's one of the most important Shinto shrines in the country.
7 Tokyo
  • Odaiba island excursion Odaiba is man-made island in Tokyo offering incredible view of the Tokyo skyline and is home to state of the art museums, shopping and entertainment. Visit TeamLab Planets, a museum comprised of 4 large-scale artwork spaces and 2 gardens created by art collective teamLab. Visitors go barefoot and immerse themselves in the vast artworks together with others. The artworks change under the presence of people, blurring the perception of boundaries between the self and the works. After visit DiverCity Shopping Centre, see Gundam Statue - a large iconic-scale anime figure.
  • Akihabara Electric Town visit Take a trip to the Akihabara district, a mecca for electronic goods and home to Japan's otaku (diehard fan) geek culture. Explore the thousands of shops dedicated to anime, manga and video games.
8 Tokyo - Kyoto
  • Travel to Kyoto via Shinkansen bullet train Jump on the fastest train in the world and zip to Kyoto.
  • Nara excursion Visit Nara Deer Park; Todai-jitemple, one of Japan's most famous and historically significant temples; and Kasuga Grand Shrine.
9 Kyoto
  • Kyoto guided sightseeing tour Explore one of Japan's best preserved Imperial cities. Visit the famous Zen Buddhist Temple Kinkakuji, or Golden Pavillion. Next, head to Inari, the main shrine of the god of business, and see the thousands of red torii, or Japanese gates, that snake their way up the hill to the inner shrine.
  • Arashiyama excursion Discover the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, one of Kyoto’s top sights and stand among soaring stalks of bamboo. Meet the monkeys that roam free in the wilderness at Arashiyama Monkey Park and explore the mountain-top park with breathtaking views of Kyoto.
10 Depart Japan OR Start tour extension to Hiroshima
  • Depart Japan Travel to Osaka and begin your journey home.
  • Tour extension: Travel to Hiroshima Begin your journey to Hiroshima via Bullet Train
  • Hiroshima guided sightseeing tour Tour the extraordinary city that suffered an unimaginable destruction and incredible rebirth to become the thriving city it is today. At Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, see the Peace Memorial Museum and the Atomic Bomb Dome, the skeletal remains of a pre-blast building, for an idea of the catastrophic effects the Atomic bomb had on the city.
  • Yakisoba dinner
11 Hiroshima - Miyajima
  • Miyajima excursion Glide through the tranquil waters, past the iconic red Torii gate and into the realm of the sacred at the Itsukushima Shrine. As you step off the ferry you will be greeted by the “messengers of the deities”, or the tame Miyajima deer, that are always found wandering around the shrine. After visiting this impressive structure browse through the many craft stores, bakeries and street-food carts on Omotesando Street - see if you’re brave enough to sample a traditional dish of conger eel.
12 Depart Japan
  • Begin your journey home Travel to Osaka by train and board your flight home to Australia.

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