Australian Snow Adventures

With over 30 years experience in hosting school group tours we pride ourselves on being the snow experts. We are passionate about providing students with unforgettable snow experience and assisting them in their learning and development.

Our snow experts have designed outstanding tour options to all major Australian resorts and all tours can be tailored specifically to meet your school needs. We guarantee a memorable experience with comfortable homely lodge facilities, delicious hearty meals and exceptional service offered by knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff.

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Safety first

The safety of students is our top priority so we go to great lengths to support you every moment of the tour! Our staff are the best in the business and have expertise in working with students of all skill levels in a safe and fun environment.

Student Development

We offer an opportunity for students to learn new skills, confront challenges outside their comfort zone, build friendships and see countrysides so picturesque that they'll never want to leave.

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