Your Australia: Explore your own backyard – regional edition

regional australia

Your Australia: Explore your own backyard – regional edition

Your Australia: Explore your own backyard – regional edition

Australia is an explorer’s treasure trove, home to some of the world’s most unique and diverse landscapes, a whopping 8 ecosystems, an abundance of natural wonders, unique wildlife and a rich cultural heritage. With all of this right on our doorstep, it’s the perfect destination for educational student travel.

Whether you want to travel further afield and visit the other side of the country or stay closer to home and explore your own backyard, the learning opportunities for your students are truly endless.

Now is the time to explore Your Australia. Here are some of our favourite local tour ideas:

Western Australia – Perth, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Yallingup

The South West is one of 36 biodiversity hotspots in the world, with over 1500 species of plants and a plethora of native animals, the STEM learning experiences here are endless. Cast your eyes on natural pristine beaches and geological rock formations, delve into sustainable farming with tours through kitchen gardens, aquaponics and orchards, explore forests and caves, and say hello to an abundance of wildlife who are lucky to call the South West home.

New South Wales – Sydney, Mount Annan, Nelson Bay, Bobs Farm  

An exquisite adventure fit for the foodies and green thumbs of the school! Students investigate, prepare and taste Aboriginal bush foods and discover how the diet began to evolve when food was first farmed on the land. Delve into the world of sustainability, chemical-free farming, recycling and composting, and learn about hydroponics while gaining an insight into food technology and agriculture.

Queensland – Townsville, Magnetic Island 

Full of beauty and adventure – and just a stone’s throw away from Magnetic Island, Townsville is the perfect tropical paradise to learn and explore. Be introduced to the extreme environments of the deep sea, mangroves and rainforest, and some of the fascinating animals that have adapted to call these places home. Discover the geology, history and wildlife of Magnetic Island, and marvel at the coastline and coral reef.

Queensland – Dinosaur Discovery 

According to  the Australian Museum, new discoveries of relatively complete dinosaurs have been made in Queensland over the past year, putting Australia on the global dinosaur map and opening up opportunities in dinosaur research.

Discover real-life fossils in Richmond, Hughenden and Winton, watch a paleontologist give a fossil preparation demonstration, take part in fossil hunting and see an awe-inspiring life-sized skeletal replica of a 7-metre dinosaur found in Flinders Shire.

Tasmania – Mt Wellington, Hobart, Huon Valley, Strahan, Cradle Mountain 

Combining agriculture, aquaculture and sustainability, students uncover the remarkable diversity of vegetation across Tasmania, before delving into renewable energy, hydropower generation, and marine debris and microplastics. Getting a huge dose of nature is a given on any tour around Tasmania and some highlights include the Tahune Airwalk, an elevated walkway 30 metres above the forest floor with spectacular views overlooking the Huon River, and Mt Field National Park to see the iconic Russell Falls.

Victoria – Silo art tour 

Known as the country’s largest outdoor gallery, the Victoria silo art trail stretches across 300km of land and was established to support local communities and reinvigorate rural towns. Renowned street artists depict unique stories through their artwork, from demonstrating the strength and resilience of farmers and the local community to celebrating Indigenous culture and dreamtime stories. At every stop, learn about the meaning behind each silo and what it means to the community, how much paint was used and how much time was spent to create each masterpiece.

Silo art tours can be customised for any state. We’ve created a fun and educational blog article which delves into our favourite silo’s around Australia. Feel free to share with your students! Read it here.

If you’re ready to show your students the amazing things they can do in their home state – we’re ready to make it happen! Contact us now to get started.