How to prepare for a snowsports adventure!

How to prepare for a snowsports adventure!

How to prepare for a snowsports adventure!

Heading off on a snowsports adventure this winter? Preparation is key, from knowing what to pack and wear to how you can look after your body while on the slopes, we’ve put together a list that will ensure you and your students have the most successful snowsports experience ever!

Lessons are essential

On a WorldStrides tour, students will participate in daily lessons to accelerate skill development. Students are divided into groups according to experience and readiness including beginner, intermediate and advanced. As students improve their skills and show perseverance and resilience, they advance to the next stage. Lessons with experts are essential in building confidence, progressing skills and guiding students through the wealth of terrain – learning good habits from the start will set them up for success!

Avoid overexertion

Students can get caught up in the excitement of learning a new skill, but it’s important to take it slow and easy in the first couple of days especially when learning. Make sure to take regular breaks throughout the day – if students overexert themselves, it could prevent them from concentrating on proper technique. 

Dress appropriately

Even though it’s cold up on the mountain, students might be surprised how quickly they warm up when learning to ski/snowboard! We recommend wearing a thermal base layer made from polyester or wool to keep warm and dry, and throw on a polyester jumper over the top. Waterproof snow pants, a warm jacket, ski socks and waterproof ski gloves are all a must. We also recommend taking a ski hat/beanie/balaclava/neck warmer for extra protection. See below for details about our discounted Snow Essentials Pack which includes ski socks, gloves, neck warmer, beanie and goggles!

Wear a helmet

Students might feel silly wearing a helmet, but you can tell them there’s nothing cool about not wearing one! When starting out, they’ll be falling here, there and everywhere. Majority of the time they’ll be learning on a hard surface and on the chance that they do fall, a helmet will protect them from serious injury.

Have fun and don’t give up!

In the first couple of days, students may feel that they’re never going to get the hang of it – it can be frustrating! But once it clicks, they’ll have the most exhilarating experiences of their life and will want to keep going back for more.

Closer to the departure date of your tour, you will receive a packing guide that includes items that are approved for safety and comfort while on mountain so students can live, learn and play in a snow environment.

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WorldStrides Snow Essentials Pack

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