A new way to travel…


A new way to travel…

A new way to travel…

Can’t get the numbers to get your tour off the ground? We’ve made travelling with your students more affordable and accessible with our Guaranteed Departure Date Tours. This exclusive offering provides the benefits of large group travel to smaller groups, by consolidating your tour with other schools.

Traditional group travel

Most Australian school tours are priced based on a group travel model: at least 35 students sharing a tour bus. Therefore, groups who recruit enough students to fill a bus typically enjoy their tour at a lower cost, while smaller groups may need to pay a premium, or postpone their tour until they can recruit more participants.

Joining with other small groups makes it more affordable for your students and provides certainty that your tour will run—no matter your group size.

This exclusive new offering is now available for Space Camp!

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Image provided by Huntsville Space Camp