10 Best Travel Apps for Australian and International Trips


10 Best Travel Apps for Australian and International Trips

10 Best Travel Apps for Australian and International Trips

Let’s be honest—travelling is fun but the process of planning for a trip can be stressful. From finding the best activities to figuring out where to catch a bus, the process is a journey in and of itself. Luckily, there are smartphone apps that can help take the stress out of your trip so that you can relax and enjoy your time. Keep reading to learn more about the 10 best travel apps for domestic and international trips to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish!



Finding your way around a new city, especially when abroad, can be intimidating. Citymapper utilises public transportation like trains and buses to help you find the best route, and also gives walking and taxi routes. It alerts you when you reach your stop, and you can even check subway and train times offline in some cities! While not available everywhere, the cities Citymapper covers is rapidly growing.


iTranslate is an app that helps users translate words, text, websites, and even voice-to-voice conversations in over 100 languages. You can even take lessons on the app to learn a new language on the go!

Emergency Plus

This app provides a sense of security, especially when travelling to the more remote areas of Australia. In collaboration with Australian Emergency Services and the Australian Government, this app uses the in-built GPS in your smartphone to pinpoint your exact location and send a signal to the Triple Zero (000) center in cases of emergency.

Google Maps

This one may be obvious but offers one of the best options for finding travel options all around the world! The app also offers a plethora of features such as GPS navigation, offline maps, street view, distance and travel estimation, live traffic updates and the ability to find local eateries and attractions.

National Public Toilet Map

This app could get you out of some tricky situations with 19,000+ public toilets around Australia. You’ll have access to nearby toilets, opening hours, accessibility, facilities (e.g. showers, baby change tables) set your preferences and map directions/location list.


Beachsafe is a fantastic resource to find out if a beach is suitable for swimming. Direct from the Australian Surf Life Saving Association and is designed to keep you safe and provide up to date information on the weather, hazards and water conditions.


Packpoint creates a customized list of what you’ll need to pack for your next trip. Simply enter your destination, travel dates, length of stay and any activities you plan on doing there, and the app builds a custom packing list to help you organise what you need to bring based on your needs and weather conditions. You can also share your packing list with other travellers.


Looking for your next outdoor activity? All Trails offers an array of activities available in your selected area. The app provides information for adventure enthusiasts on outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, snow sports. The app also provides offline maps, wrong-turn alerts, and extra planning features.


Hopper is an app that allows users to book flights and hotels. The bonus is that the app predicts how prices will change up to a year in advance and lets you know whether to buy now or wait until prices drop.


GlobeConvert is a fast and easy currency converter with over 160 currencies to choose from with up-to-date exchange rates. This is a helpful app to download when traveling internationally.


We hope this list helps alleviate the stress from planning your next trip! Share your favorite travel app with us and tell us how it helped de-stress your vacation. Happy travels!