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Are you a seasoned traveller or have you just completed your first student tour? Help empower and support your fellow teachers by sharing your teaching expertise or travel experiences.

WorldStrides welcomes you to submit on a wide range of topics from travelogues, to tips for teacher leaders or submissions that share your expertise in history, science, languages, performance or snowsports. We also welcome top tips, stories about your experiences, lesson plans, checklists, or anything you wish to share with your fellow colleagues. Submissions will be credited and uploaded to our Teacher Resource Centre or blog.

General guidelines:

  • All submissions will be reviewed and we will notify you within 2 weeks if we intend to publish
  • If accepted we will send you a $50 Visa/MasterCard gift card
  • We will credit you as the author unless you wish to be de-identified

Some examples:

  • How you integrate your classroom learning plan with your tour
  • Canberra history museum lesson plan
  • The best thing that happened to me while travelling was…
  • The moment when my child/students were changed by their travel experience
  • Why I chose to travel with my students
  • My favourite classroom tip is…
  • 5 tips for a successful tour
  • How leading a school tour has changed me as an educator

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