New partnership announcement with Football Coaches Australia (FCA)

WorldStrides and FCA Partnership Announcement

New partnership announcement with Football Coaches Australia (FCA)

New partnership announcement with Football Coaches Australia (FCA)

Football Coaches Australia (FCA), the national association for qualified coaches, has joined forces with WorldStrides, a global leader in educational travel, to offer an exhilarating opportunity for coaches and players alike. Through this exclusive partnership, FCA members have the opportunity to embark on unique sporting and cultural adventures that promise unforgettable experiences.

Football Coaches Australia’s (FCA) Chief Executive Officer, Kelly Rourke, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the potential to enrich the coaching community and provide unprecedented opportunities for growth and development. “FCA is extremely excited to be a part of this initiative with WorldStrides. It provides the potential opportunity for coaches and players to attend international events to enhance their football knowledge, international exposure, experience and connections. It has the potential to open untapped opportunities for all; that’s undeniably an exciting prospect.”

WorldStrides’ expertise and extensive network enable them to curate the finest matches, training sessions, and access to professional games. This collaboration not only offers coaches a chance to learn from the best in the world but also allows members to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and explore new cities under the guidance of WorldStrides’ experts.

Dan Kellerd, General Manager of WorldStrides, emphasized the groundbreaking nature of the initiative, stating, “Our initiative to send Australian footballers on international trips is groundbreaking, and joining forces with FCA will be pivotal in opening up these opportunities to more young players. It’s an opportunity set to ignite the passion of coaches and players alike.”

About Football Coaches Australia (FCA)

Football Coaches Australia was formed in November 2017 and is Australia’s national Association for qualified coaches. Football Coaches Australia currently consists of over 250 Advance Licence and Community coach members across the country. Through close collaboration with each member state federation and the FFA, and leveraging corporate and government relationships they aim to provide a holistic support model for coaches, with key pillars of Advocacy, Professional Development, Wellbeing and Gender Equity and Diversity.

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