International learning with local experts

International learning with local experts

International learning with local experts

Every international WorldStrides tour benefits from the addition of a Tour Director – an expert on hand 24 hours a day to smooth logistics and enhance learning. Tour Directors are an essential part of what makes our international programs authentic, educational and fun! Here, Michael Morgenthal – one of our Tour Directors in the USA – shares a bit about himself and his hometown of New York City, as well as the techniques he uses to create engaging learning experiences.

‘By exposing students to things outside their comfort zone, I hope to get them thinking about the possibilities of living in an interconnected world, and considering that their options, and their potential, are limitless.’

What do you enjoy most about interacting with students?

I love the way students look at new situations and locations, so I encourage them to think out of the box and approach foreign situations not as challenges but as opportunities. When students’ eyes light up upon first seeing sites they have dreamed of their entire lives, it makes my day and reaffirms why I work as a Tour Director.

What is your favourite activity to do with students on tour?

I love getting off the beaten track with students, to get them away from the typical tourist attractions – these are great on their own, but to fully appreciate a destination you have to get past the basics. I like to head to Brooklyn to check out street art or eat cuisine from around the world under the No. 7 train in Queens. These are experiences that make a visit more comprehensive.

Why do you think educational travel is so important for young people?

Travel promotes understanding – plain and simple. In today’s world, where there seems to be so much dividing us and so much fear of those who are unlike us, the only way to break down these barriers is to experience other cultures, lifestyles and ways of life. While I believe we all keep learning throughout our lives, no matter their age, students are more receptive to new ideas as their worldview continues to form and evolve.

Teachers love tour directors because…

  • They’re your local expert and a wealth of knowledge
  • They’re with you 24/7, providing support and handling logistics
  • They’re experts in managing student groups
  • They create opportunities for learning

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