An activity for World Outdoor Classroom Day

World Outdoor Classroom Day

An activity for World Outdoor Classroom Day

An activity for World Outdoor Classroom Day

The world around us has changed. Our lives may appear to have slowed, but it’s Mother Nature’s time to flourish. We see plants popping up in unusual places and animals wandering into new spaces. Wind patterns are changing and the hole in the ozone layer has even started to repair itself. This level of growth is a great reminder that, despite everything happening all around us, life (all life, not just human life) goes on. This activity is designed so that students can examine the growth that continues to occur, even in the most improbable spaces.

  • How does growth parallel life?
  • How does nature inspire you?
  • How can we minimise our negative impact on the natural world?
  • How can we allow nature to flourish?

Nature Always Wins

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

Whether we sit in front of our devices and explore the world virtually, take a walk in our neighbourhood, or explore our own state and other parts of the country, we can see the evidence of nature all around us. The sun shines, rain falls, and things grow. This short activity asks you to explore the natural world and find evidence of where nature wins. How does growth parallel life?


Go outside and explore your environment, whether it’s urban, suburban, or rural. Look out for nature in unexpected places, inhabiting spaces previously reserved for people. Take three photos, or find some online, of where you see nature overcoming the human presence. Find one element in your photos that reflects on how natural growth parallels your life. Share your reflection in one paragraph or a 30-second video.

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