Bob Gogel

We believe in dreaming big. It’s how our company was born, and it’s what we hope to give all the students who travel with us: confidence and big ideas for the future, based on what we can learn from our journey today.

Bob Gogel - WorldStrides

Bob Gogel

Chief Executive Officer and President

Bob Gogel previously served as CEO of numerous multinational companies and has extensive experience in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and the U.S.  He is an educator himself, for the last 30 years serving as a teacher and coach for lifelong learners in corporate and graduate school programs. At WorldStrides, Bob is focused on ensuring the organisation accelerates innovation of its core mission, enhances partnerships with educators, and reaches more students with its programs.

Bob’s passion for experiential learning was born from transformative international experiences that were part of his own education. He completed an exchange program in Latin America in high school and studied abroad as both an undergraduate and graduate student. He has since dedicated his career to growing organisations that deliver high quality, innovative services to customers around the world.

Bob received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard, and an MBA in International Business from University of Chicago.  His commitment to education has deep roots: both his parents were public school teachers, and his wife was a high school language teacher.